About Us

2MU Global Store was developed organically from the desire to construct a business model where we could educate the next generation of family members to better understand the basics of starting and operating a successful small business.

So, my husband, sister and I sat down and started this e-commerce site. Our nieces and nephews contribute to the content and operation of the store. We have owned and operated small businesses before, and this project is an extension of our business models.

We understand the importance of Quality Service and are committed to serving our community with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. So, if you do not like a product for any reason, send it back and you will get your money refunded.

Our business is not just about capital gains, there are people in our community that need a helping hand. That is why the 2MU Global Store DONATES 10% of your purchase to local charity organizations. Additionally, throughout the year we run special online charity products where 30% of the proceeds go a nationwide charity.

We have an enduring commitment to quality products, outstanding customer service, and charitable stewardship.